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  • Damn that Dream

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      Dennis DeYoung / Jim Peterik

      ©2020 DeYoung Songs/Grand Illusion Music/Peterik Songs/Wixen Publishing

    All my life I have tried

    To make sense of this dream I’m chasing

    Tryin’ to silence the voice

    Tellin’ me I’m not good enough


    Be the best you can be

    Boy remember to keep on smilin

    Try, try harder

    And someday day soon you’ll see


    ’Cause you can do better ya know

    These are the words that I heard long ago

    But to never give up or given in man its takin it’s toll


    Damn the dream that steals the night

    With restless thoughts till mornings light

    In sleepless hours we ask is this what were made of

    Damn that dream that robs the soul

    That's cuts us all in half from whole

    Damn the fears that know just what we’re afraid of.

    Damn that dream

    I love that dream


    What the hell can you do

    When your future is all in past tense

    And the clock on the wall keeps spinning round and round

    Well here’s my point of view

    When the world seems to make no damn sense

    Why not take some other avenue


    ’Cause you can do better ya see

    Excepting the fact there no guarantees

    'Cause every dream falls apart in the face of reality


    Damn the dream that breaks your heart

    That leaves you lost and torn apart

    Searching for a clue to find what you’re made of

    Damn the dream that promised you

    The land of Oz then dared come true

    Leaving you to find it’s all a charade of


    That damn dream

    I love that dream

    Damn that dream

    I love that dream

    Damn that dream

    I love that dream

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