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  • A Kingdom Ablaze

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      Dennis DeYoung


    Ring around the rosie

    Pocket full of posie

    Ashes, ashes

    We all fall down


    With the kingdom ablaze

    We averted our gaze

    By hiding our eyes

    When the pillars came down

    We heard not a sound

    From the city of lies

    Nero's sang the same song they'd been singing

    While hero's shot in vain their arrows slinging


    Then the king and his knaves

    The fools and the slaves

    Kept pouring our wine

    And we knew this should stop

    But we drank every drop

    Every grape from the vine

    Barren grew the land between the oceans

    And sorcerer's could not conjure magic potions


    House of cards cried the child

    We are tribes running wild

    It was you, it was me

    It was us, can't we see

    When our green become our need

    All will bleed


    So we mustn't blame fate

    When fools legislate

    Without any plan

    And we dare not ignore

    The devil in store

    From the nature of man

    The future lies in state with tragic endings

    While we still contemplate our happy endings


    House of cards cried the child

    We are tribes running wild

    Was it you? Was it me?

    It was us, can't you see?

    Who cares if the stars and sun don't shine

    I've got mine


    Ubi est mea

    Deus est pecunia


    House of cards, this malaise

    Shall we dance? A kingdom ablaze

    Was it me? Was it you?

    It was us, true is true

    Who cares if rivers turn to brine

    I've got mine




    The Latin phrase before the final chorus roughly translates to "Where is my money?"

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