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COVID-19 Response


Due to the nature of the various States of Emergency that have been enacted, the performance industry has been hit hard with mandatory closures. These changes are constantly happening on a daily basis, and usually faster than what I can keep up with. Here are the highlights:

  1. Concerts are being postponed or cancelled. While some concerts have been rescheduled, others have not. If you have purchased a ticket for a concert that has been postponed/canceled, check with where you purchased your ticket for rescheduling or refunding instructions.
  2. Since I cannot keep up with all of the concert date changes, any tour information will not be listed on this site. Please check Dennis' website or your venue for ticket and tour information.
  3. Dennis' new release, 26 East Volume 1, has pushed its release date to May 22, instead of April 10. If the state of emergency continues for an extended period of time, this date might change again.


Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times,.


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